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  • Make your cake and eat it too!

    One of the best aspects of our job, besides the beautiful flowers, is the friendships that we form with our clients. We were fortunate enough to work on the exquisite wedding of the talented Helen Flitcroft, the heart and soul behind Cook, Learn, Love.  She has become one of our dearest friends and we love her love of flowers as well as her amazing food!


    Helen's beautiful, textural bouquet.



    Helen looking amazing



    We loved the bridesmaids in different shades of blue with rustic colourful bouquets.



    Helen was head chef at Bistro Felix at the time of her wedding and while we were decorating the reception venue we came across the grooms cake she had created for her new husband. This rustic little beauty of a cake was filling the room with the most amazing aroma of red wine and dark chocolate and had us all swooning……this was no ordinary wedding cake!!


    Soon after her wedding Helen launched Cook Learn Love, teaching people how to cook like a chef at home. She also offered a unique service, teaching people how to create amazing wedding cakes like the one she had made for her own wedding day.



     ‘I will teach you, your partner, Mother of the Bride, Best Man, Bridesmaid (or anyone else willing for that matter) to make a wedding cake that looks fabulous, tastes great and most importantly contains more love than any other! And what’s more, it will cost only a fraction of what you might expect to pay’



    One of favourite wedding cakes from Helen


    We love to create gorgeous cake flowers! We love that each cake is different and has it’s own unique charm. Helen’s love of all things textural and wild means that we get to things a bit differently too which is what we do best I suppose! Take a look at some of our favourites…..



    Textural greens (images by Jessica Shaver Photography)



    Perfect miniatures (images by Jessica Shaver Photography)



    Sweet and petite with vintage charm. (images by Jessica Shaver Photography)



     Helen's display at the First Comes Love bridal fair (Images by Angela Higgins)


    Cake flowers have become a bit of a speciality of ours, there is nothing sweeter than decorating your cake with fresh flowers that tie in with the rest of your wedding florals.



    Sounds pretty great doesn’t it!  You can contact Helen through her website, she’s in high demand though so you’ll need to get in early!  Read more about what she does and get some great recipes from her blog too.



     Happy baking!


    xo Steph


    PS – Here’s the b’day cake Nat had made for me by Helen, seriously the most incredible cake I’ve ever eaten….and I eat A LOT of cake! Those stunning orchids are Vanda’s, my most favourite orchid. Yeah, I got spoilt!! xo


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