• Twinkle in my eye


    I sit here pondering what to share for my FIRST ever blog, I have a glass of wine beside me, a block of chocolate, a cosy warm fire and of course beautiful flowers. I am half excited and half nervous, which I guess is the person I am, so excited to be doing what I love every day and half nervous as I put my heart and soul into creating beautiful designs to tantalise the tastebuds of the finest florist critics in Perth.


    So perhaps I will continue on this tangent and tell you why I have chosen to work with nature and what puts a twinkle in my eye everyday…..


    A rustic wooden box featuring David Austin Roses and a complimentary bouquet and buttonhole


    I grew up in the Country and spent most of my childhood and early teens on farms and in the bush, I loved the outdoors and nature, a true tom boy for sure but at the same time a lover of all things pretty. All my family were gardeners and I thrived on this, fresh fruit, vegetables and masses of annual flowers in our garden, I remember pulling carrots from my Grandfathers garden, hosing the dirt of and eating them, I even ate a whole cabbage one day, there just is nothing better than fresh vegetables grown with love. I loved the outdoors and was fascinated by what nature produced and I loved to see things grow and to explore the bush always returning with some funny looking treasure even if it was just a rock.


    This interest developed into a love of planting flowers and then into arranging them. I cannot really explain what it is, but my heart melts when I look into the centre of the flower, the core, the heart of the flower, so intricate, so beautiful and an absolute wonder, it just astounds me. If you are ever around me you will see the twinkle in my eye when I look at flowers, I cannot image a day without flowers in it and no matter how bad times get they can change my mood in seconds.


    A flower with one of the most intricate souls...this flower certainly puts a twinkle in my eye.


    My passion and love is strongly reflected in my work and my clients get to enjoy this and know they have a true flowers junkie on their hands not just someone who chose to be a florist because flowers were nice and it looked like a great job. Flowers chose me…………


    Natalie Woods-Kohlman


    Photography by - Jessica Shaver Photography

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